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Daphne H.C. Shen


2020 Contemporary Illustration Art Salon, Auction Center Taipei, Artzdeal (Taiwan)

2020 WHO IS IMMERSED IN SALOON, Apartment Ho Saloon (Taiwan)  

2020 13 Artist Group Exhibition, 133 Art Space (Taiwan)0200

2019 Taiwan Young Artists Joint Exhibition, National Taichung Theatre, CC Gallery (Taiwan) 

2019 1982 Kids Group Exhibition, Li Fang Old Street (Taiwan)

2019 CODE324 Group Exhibition, The Wrong Gallery Taipei (Taiwan)

2019 Landscape of Sleepwalking Artist Joint Exhibition, CC Gallery (Taiwan) 

2018  OVKLAB X Bazöoka X Wrong Gallery X Mechnoiz Toys Group Exhibition, The Wrong Gallery Taipei (Taiwan)

2018  Art Tainan, Art Fair, CC Gallery (Taiwan) 

2017  Springing Female Joint Exhibition, CC Gallery (Taiwan) 
2017  Petri Dish – Daphne H.C. Shen Solo Exhibition, The Wrong Gallery Taipei (Taiwan)

2016  Daniel Yu--Jiangshi Acolyte custom show, The Wrong Gallery Taipei (Taiwan)

2016  Makeready-Group Exhibition, Bow Art Studio (London)

2015 - 2016 Group Exhibition (Taiwan)

2014  ‘Infectious’ Daphne Hsiang Chun Shen Solo Exhibition, Long White Cloud (London)

2014  Camberwell Arts Festival-Lucky Dip 20 Shortlisted Artist (London)

2014  Daphne H.C. Shen Solo Exhibition-Self Conversation, Green Room Café (London)

2013  21 Artists: London Deep East Exhibition & Performance (London)

2013  A Moment in Time – Photography Exhibition, Vibe Gallery (London)

2013  Threads – Wimbledon College of Arts, MFA Fine Art Interim Show (London)

2013  Public Assembly: An Alternative Summer Show, The White Building (London)

2011  ‘’Between + and –‘ – Daphne H.C. Shen and Liu Mingzhe Joint Exhibition (Taiwan)

2011  Insomniac’s Personal Description-Hsiang-Chun Shen Solo Exhibition (Taiwan)

2011  Soy House Artist Club-Slippers Party Travel Exhibition (Taiwan)

2010  Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books Design Travel Exhibition (Taiwan)

2010  Paper Factory Open Studio Joint Exhibition (Taiwan)

2010  Taiwan Modern Printmaking Arts Exhibition (Taiwan)

2009  The 25th New Year Printmaking Exhibition of R.O.C., (Taiwan)

2009  ONE PAGE bookstore at Taipei Relay Creation (Taiwan)


2020 - Present Eastern Minimal, Artist, UK

2020 - Present DANLAN ART, Artist, Taiwan

2018 - 2019  Twinings, Visual Designer, Taiwan/Hong Kong

2017 - Present CC Gallery, Artist, Taiwan

2017 - Present  Vango Art, Artist, USA

2017 - Present  Creema, Designer, Japan

2017 - Present  Artlimes, Artist, UK

2016 - Present  Etsy, Designer, UK

2016 - Present  MinColors Global, Artist, Taiwan

2015 - 2018  Illustrationcupboard Gallery Manager, UK

2015 - Present  LUMINAIRE Art Gallery, Artist, UK

2015 - Present  Calvendo, Artist, UK and Germany

2014 - Present  TAGBOAT Contemporary, Artist, Japan

2014 - Present  ART BUSINESS INITIATIVES, Artist, UK

2014 - Present  Inkfool, Artist, Taiwan

2014 - Present  iEgo Art, Artist, Taiwan 

2013 - Present  Artfinder, Artist, UK

2013 - Present  Pinkoi, Designer, Taiwan

Daphne is an insomniac, the main concern in her artworks are about herself and the thoughts. She is always focused on six main perceptions, which are Self-Portrait, Complexity of Brain, Universe, The status of Stillness, Map and Dream.Currently, her art practice is trying to develop the idea of Complexity of Brain. What is the exact reason to make the numerous thoughts in her mind? It is really interesting, which leads her to have the ambition to explore the possibilities. Daphne attempts to use psychological to explain it, she considers herself as a doctor and patient in the same time and tries to heal the self through the monologue from the inner part. During this process, she imagines acting like a doctor to analyse and dissect her brain, and then observe it. It seems like she is operating a surgery to (for) herself.

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